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Seismic Data Pool  

We have compiled over 1200 miles of 2-D data in the Appalachian Basin, 40 square miles of 3-D data in Michigan and 200 miles of 2-D and 3-D in Illinois and Indiana, that you can have for little or nothing. All you need to do is contribute data to the pooled area and you will receive an equal amount of data from the pool at no charge, simple as that. You then become eligible to broker additional data at a very reduced rate.

Or, if you prefer, you may broker data from the pool with no contribution, at a comparable reduced data.

Click on any area below for maps of that region. Some of the maps are in Adobe PDF format to save time and space. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat you can get a copy free at the following link: Get Adobe Acrobat Free Click Here.

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Michigan 3-D Data Pool
3-D Surveys in Michigan

Northern Data Pool
New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania

Southern Data Pool
Tennessee , Kentucky , West Virginia and 
Parts of Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina 

Illinois and Indiana Data Pool
New Data Added 

Our Data Pools are the LARGEST data pools east of the Mississippi.
Our NEW Michigan 3-D Data Pool is the only data pool in the State of Michigan.

Your only cost is for data reproduction for the initial data you place in the pool and any reproduction, reprocessing, if you want it, and shipping of data which you use from the pool. 

You retain ownership of your data. 

Data will be parameter and quality controlled to assure similar data sets. 

These pools has been designed to include small geographic areas, and data accepted into the pool will be based on your geographical needs.


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