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Evans Geophysical is a seismic brokerage company located in Suttons Bay, Michigan. We are the largest seismic broker east of the Mississippi River.

Our 18 years of experience allows us to store and broker seismic data for over 350 Companies, with emphasis on plays in your area. We have access to all available seismic data in your area and offer a full range of services designed to protect the investments of our clients, including:

Free searches of existing seismic data

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Speculative Surveys

Brokerage of existing seismic data

Secure data storage

Data copy service

• Faster.
All data searches are completed the same day you make the request. We’ll tell you what we can do and when it will be done.

• Better.
Re-Processing can make old data new again. The ultimate in recycling.

• Cheaper.
Data searches are free. Brokered data is ¼ of the cost of new acquisition. Spec Data can be less than a sixth the cost of new.
Evans Geophysical, Inc.
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