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Seismic Data Brokerage
The exchange or transfer of seismic data between two, or more, exploration companies.

Family in Breckenridge Colorado 2019

Annette Evans

Annette founded EVANS GEOPHYSICAL about 30 years ago and has spent almost 35 years as a seismic broker. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee with a degree in Geology Annette spend a couple of years working as a field geologist (mudlogger). With a need to settle down, Annette turned to the wonderful work of seismic brokerage before starting a family. Now an active mother of 2 sons (Max 30 and Elliot 26), when she is not busy brokering seismic data she enjoys her family and all of the outdoor activities that Northern Michigan provides including, skiing, snowshoeing, camping, sailing and being with the boys. 

Brokering "Buying" Data
EVANS GEOPHYSICAL, Inc. offers as a FREE service to our prospective and existing clients, a search of all up-to- date seismic data on any size area. This timely service can reveal newly released data that could save your company thousands of dollars.

Our data search services provide you with shot point maps, section samples, parameters and price information. When lines are purchased, film sections, tapes and support data are made available to you. Prices range from $300.00 to $1,400.00 per mile for 2D (3D prices are negotiable and available upon request.)

Brokering "Selling" Your Data
One way to put exploration dollars back in your budget is by brokering your idle seismic data. At EVANS GEOPHYSICAL, we prepare and distribute line maps in an effort to market your data throughout the country. We also provide other brokers with maps of your data so that they may assist in selling your data.

Data Storage
EVANS GEOPHYSICAL can maintain storage of your seismic data. We have facilities to store magnetic tapes, support data, seismic film sections, shot point base maps, and other miscellaneous data. Your data would be stored in a secure, temperature and humidity controlled environment, equipped with an automatic halon fire extinguishing and state-of-the-art security systems. Upon request, we can retrieve your data within 24 hours.

Free Data Searches
Call today for a free no obligation search of available data in your area of interest.

Tape Copy Services
Full service tape copy service is available. Including transfer to and from 4 mm, 8mm, 3280 cartridges, 9 track, compact disks and diskettes.

Evans Delivers the Highest Standard of Customer Service
in the Seismic Brokerage Industry.


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